Continuing:  an Adult Gentle Kundalini Yoga daytime class is being held at the City of Phoenix Parks & Rec- at Goelet Beuf Community Center-  Register at:

Gentle Yoga for Seniors continues at the City of Phoenix Senior Centers:  Goelet Beuf and Devonshire.  Must be a registered participant in the City of Phoenix Human Services Senior Centers.  Contact the individual facilities.  This is a chair-assisted class that involves a chair portion, a standing portion (with the aid of a chair), and finally, a mat portion (which can also be done in a chair).  Breath, dance, and final relaxation are a part of every session.

Ardas’s Home Yoga Kundalini Yoga classes will reconvene in the Summer of 2019.  Throughout the year, Ardas teaches private, customized yoga classes at her home office in North Phoenix that may include other integrative holistic modalities as well.  She now offers privately a one-hour Gentle Yoga for Seniors  as well as chair yoga.

*Contact Ardas at  Type “Ardas Home Yoga” or “Private Yoga” in the subject bar.


Below is a brief description of Kundalini Yoga and its benefits.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient yoga of sacred teachings from India, brought over to the United States by Yogi Bhajan in 1968.  Yogi Bhajan had attained mastery of Kundalini and White Tantric Yoga at the early age of sixteen years.

He recognized the value and importance of this yoga for the masses and came here to Canada and America to share this long-kept secret to the world.

Today, “Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan” is being offered in dozens of countries worldwide. Teachers are Internationally Certified by KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) to teach anywhere in the world.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is the “mother” of all yogas – that is, all other forms of yoga evolved from this yoga.  It is a science and technology which works on the seven chakras, the arc line and the aura (the eighth chakra).

Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness – the technology of human consciousness.  The power of Kundalini Yoga lies in the practice and actual experience.

Every class includes breath, movement, and meditation – when combined – allows the flow of energy or life-force within each person to open the heart chakra, to extend one’s own consciousness, and to heal from within.

Practicing this yoga will awaken the soul, change your life, your understanding of the world and your place in it.


Kundalini Yoga Classes with Ardas –

Ardas’ one-hour classes focus on mantra and deep meditation as a method to release stress and achieve mental clarity and emotional balance.  Her class offers numerous opportunities to experience healing kriyas and mantras for prosperity – her specialty.

Also, a favorite:  her 4-week Heart-Centered series- always taught in the month of February.

Ardas is an Internationally Certified Kundalini Yoga Level 2 Instructor teaching all ages and levels of yoga, including beginner, intermediate, and seniors.  Her classes are designed to accommodate mat or chair.

Presently, Ardas teaches a gentle yoga & meditation.  She continues to offer private yoga instruction & yoga therapy at her home-office in North Phoenix, as well as private group classes at your chosen valley location.  Call to schedule.


 Since September 2016 and continuing…..

Ardas offers Gentle Kundalini Yoga for adults at City of Phoenix Parks & Recreation Community Centers at Goelet Beuf Community Center (Tuesdays 11:00- 12:00 am).   Register at:

Watch for her cozy summer Kundalini Yoga class held at the home office. Begins Sat June 9th at 9:00 am & continues through July 2019.


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