Looking for an alternative to the typical yoga studio?

Want to do yoga in the privacy of a cozy home office?  Just you and the teacher?  Join Ardas in North Phoenix for a private 1-hour class in Kundalini or Gentle yoga for Seniors (chair assisted).  cost $20.  Schedule at your convenience. Daytime hours only.  Last class begins at 6:00 pm.  Contact Ardas at ardaskaur@gmail.com.   Type “Ardas Home Yoga” in the subject bar.

Now offering Chair Yoga for Seniors

I am presently offering private Kundalini Yoga, “Yoga Fit”, and “Yoga for Arthritis” classes for Seniors at my home office in North Phoenix.  The classes are customized to the individual’s needs and offers flexibility for the student who prefers to experience his/her yoga in a more private setting and in the comfort of a chair.

Each one-hour Kundalini session includes take-home material and suggestions for developing a daily practice for yoga, meditation, and breath (pranayam).

“Yoga Fit” and “Yoga for Arthritis” are both chair assisted classes that include sitting, standing, and mat/chair postures.

Contact me by email: ardaskaur@gmail.com to schedule and appointment.  Please type “Ardas Healing- Yoga” in the subject bar.

Reiki Therapist volunteer

I am now enjoying my 7th year as Lead Volunteer Reiki Therapist within the Banner organization –  working closely with Volunteer Services and Banner Department Managers, to introduce staff & patients to the many healing benefits of Reiki Therapy.

I am currently at Banner Desert and Cardon Children’s Medical Centers where we are now growing a team of committed therapists who share the vision of offering Reiki Healing Therapy in the hospitals on a 24/7 schedule for patient care.

This is a tall order and will take time, but is a practical & worthy goal.  We need many more staff volunteers for this type of scheduling.  If you have thought of volunteering your time- in any capacity and have been trained in Reiki 1st & 2nd Degree, consider joining the Banner Reiki Therapists team.  Giving Reiki in this environment and to patients, takes your Reiki to a whole new level, and you will be surprised at how much satisfaction, you will gain from it!

Consider bringing your Reiki skills to Banner Desert- or any of the Banner hospitals in the Valley.  Contact Banner’s web site – choose the hospital name (not all offer this program) and fill out a Reiki Therapist application.  If you have questions feel free to contact me at ardaskaur@gmail.com.  Help us move forward with our Reiki project by adding your skills and energy to this important vision!


What’s New?

What’s new at Ardas Healing Connection??

Ardas has been upgrading her skills ….and services!

1- Now offering Reiki Certification Training for Reiki 3rd Degree – Reiki for Personal Mastery.  This is an 8-hour class taught privately or semi-privately for $250. You must be 1st & 2nd Degree certified to participate in this class.

The class is designed for those who consistently use their Reiki skills daily and on others besides family.  This certification gives you the Master Symbol but without the ability to teach and attune (that is another level of Reiki).  You will however have all the Reiki power needed for all other healing situations.

I personally recommend this level for all serious Reiki Healers.

Please contact me for additional information and to schedule a training day.

2- Ardas is now Kundalini Yoga Level 2 complete, having mastered all 5 modules.

In addition, Ardas has begun the Level 3 journey with completion of 21 Stages of Meditation in the Fall of 2015.

Plan on seeing Ardas for Reiki or Kundalini Yoga training and classes!

Blessings to all,

Ardas Kaur Khalsa


Yoga at any age?

Yoga at any age?

Need to make some changes in your life?  Need to refresh your soul?  Ask yourself what works for you…..and I will share with you my own experience in refreshing MY soul.

If I were to chose one approach to “refresh my soul” it would likely be to embrace a new discipline. I have always enjoyed new learning and being a well disciplined person, this combination is hard to beat.  I thrive on new learning- whether it be a new course of study, a class, or simply a new concept to be integrated. I take my studies seriously, and greatly enjoy the entire process, even when it’s challenging. This is what keeps me alive and well and enthusiastic about my life and growth amidst great challenge.

I took up the yoga challenge when my Reiki/Yoga teacher said “You should take Yoga Teacher Training….”  At the time, I didn’t even like yoga!  She said it would give me a good background and would integrate well with other coursework already begun toward a master’s degree in Natural Health. I did so for the “experience and knowledge” that I would gain, never really realizing that it would set me on a whole new path, leaving my prior plans far behind.

Master Touch in 2002 at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico was intensive and extremely challenging for me physically.  I was seriously embracing yoga for the first time at age 60, and I was conscious of the age factor. I did make it through the difficult 19-day Intensive (appropriately titled) Master’s Touch Level 1 Teacher Training. But, I was so glad when it was over!  I remember that I stopped doing any yoga for 3-4 weeks upon my return, because I had had enough!  My teacher just smiled.

Once I had a chance to process the information from Master’s Touch, I realized that I finally “got it”. I had been doing smidgens of yoga for several years, not really understanding its significance.  Now I knew its power.  This is where the life change comes in.

I began teaching Kundalini Yoga the month following my certification and have been teaching steadily ever since – now into my 11th year.  I am now 71 years of age, and thriving.

Becoming a teacher of yoga is not for everyone.  But being a student of yoga  IS.
Yoga is a system, a technology, a powerful tool for positive change, for healing, for learning simple breaths, postures, mantras and techniques to help us through difficult times.

Yoga can be practiced by anyone at any time- even if it is just to focus on the breath alone.  Yoga is not just for those who can flex their bodies into positions resembling that of a pretzel.  It is not just for someone with a huge lung capacity, or someone who has a great voice and can chant & “sing”.  Yoga can be experienced and practiced lying in bed if energy levels or mobility is an issue.


Check out various yoga studios and look for Senior Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Memory Yoga , “Silver” for starters.  Sigh up for a class or a private session – no matter what your age.  Yoga will enhance your life and help keep you healthier longer.

……from the life experiences of Ardas

Thoughts on being a teacher

Just sharing some thoughts and self-reflection on being a teacher of Kundalini Yoga.

As teachers, we are taught to be the instructor as well as the teacher.

Most of us begin calling ourselves “instructor of Kundalini Yoga” and placing this designation on our business cards and fliers.  We show others and tell others how to be in a certain posture, or how to control the breath, etc.  But after years of teaching, we all come to the point where we realize that we are more than instructors…… we are “teachers” in the broadest sense.

As “teachers”, students begin to see something in us that is appealing… something that they might wish to have for themselves.  Some understand that what they see, might be somehow connected to the yoga practice that they are doing.  It is at this point in the students growth and progression where the teacher is in that sometimes enviable position to INSPIRE!

A teacher who INSPIRES, does so by always taking the action of which he or she is speaking. A teacher must always – to use an old phrase – “walk the talk”.  She must “be the example” in its higher form.

We, as teachers, – teaching from the heart- teach what we know and have already experienced.  Many of us have prevailed through tremendous challenges and our lives are naturally inspiring to others.  It is from this point of origin that our actions and words have tremendous power to inspire.

When others can see as we “do”, they can see themselves “doing” the same.

Inspiration is so important in elevating and helping others to realize that they too, have the same capacity to manifest for themselves.

Isn’t this what being a “teacher” is all about?

Reflections………by Ardas

Volunteer Acknowledgement

Nice Surprise this week re my volunteer Reiki Therapist work at Banner Estrella Medical Center-  I received a special recognition pin for having volunteered over 500 hours.  Just a little recognition, which is always appreciated, for work that is satisfying and fulfilling!   Good job, BEMC!

New… Symphonic Gong

NEW!   Ardas now has a gong!

Wow!   Am I enjoying my Paiste Symphonic Gong…… purchased in August.  It is an amazing clearing and healing tool!

The Symphonic Gong, used in Kundalini Yoga classes is truly a healing instrument.

The vibration of the gong creates deep relaxation, releasing us from the thousands of thoughts our mind releases.  Emotions and thoughts are provoked from the subconscious, causing the nervous system to readjust and heal itself.  The gong will take you beyond your fears.

It releases tensions, releases blocks, stimulates circulation and the glandular system for a higher level of functioning.   The results will be a release, a letting go, and a relaxation at its deepest levels.

Bottom line….. You will love it and love its results!  Give it a try.  Attend our Double Gong Event or schedule a Reiki Plus Gong session with Ardas.  Come, experience, enjoy and relax!

If you experience the Gong following a Reiki healing session, it is a double whammy!  You will feel, relaxed, at peace and with “not a care in the world”-   at least you will think and feel that way.  Try it!

Come experience a yoga class!

What to do on a Saturday afternoon?   How about yoga?

Join Ardas at 5 pm for 60 minutes of gentle Kundalini yoga:  warm-up, breathe, tune-up & meditate!!  Results?  You will feel relaxed, peaceful, and uplifted.
Give it a try at Yoga Phoenix, 2308 N Richland,  Phoenix, AZ  85006   602-271-4480

See you there!

Gong Therapy

Ardas has a new gong!  An amazing healing tool, especially when combined with Reiki.  The symphonic gong is used for meditation.  The vibration of the gong creates deep relaxation and impacts the body and its meridians, releasing blocks both physical and emotional and reducing tension.  Come for a Reiki/Gong treatment for an enhanced healing experience!  See you soon!