Yoga at any age?

Yoga at any age?

Need to make some changes in your life?  Need to refresh your soul?  Ask yourself what works for you…..and I will share with you my own experience in refreshing MY soul.

If I were to chose one approach to “refresh my soul” it would likely be to embrace a new discipline. I have always enjoyed new learning and being a well disciplined person, this combination is hard to beat.  I thrive on new learning- whether it be a new course of study, a class, or simply a new concept to be integrated. I take my studies seriously, and greatly enjoy the entire process, even when it’s challenging. This is what keeps me alive and well and enthusiastic about my life and growth amidst great challenge.

I took up the yoga challenge when my Reiki/Yoga teacher said “You should take Yoga Teacher Training….”  At the time, I didn’t even like yoga!  She said it would give me a good background and would integrate well with other coursework already begun toward a master’s degree in Natural Health. I did so for the “experience and knowledge” that I would gain, never really realizing that it would set me on a whole new path, leaving my prior plans far behind.

Master Touch in 2002 at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico was intensive and extremely challenging for me physically.  I was seriously embracing yoga for the first time at age 60, and I was conscious of the age factor. I did make it through the difficult 19-day Intensive (appropriately titled) Master’s Touch Level 1 Teacher Training. But, I was so glad when it was over!  I remember that I stopped doing any yoga for 3-4 weeks upon my return, because I had had enough!  My teacher just smiled.

Once I had a chance to process the information from Master’s Touch, I realized that I finally “got it”. I had been doing smidgens of yoga for several years, not really understanding its significance.  Now I knew its power.  This is where the life change comes in.

I began teaching Kundalini Yoga the month following my certification and have been teaching steadily ever since – now into my 11th year.  I am now 71 years of age, and thriving.

Becoming a teacher of yoga is not for everyone.  But being a student of yoga  IS.
Yoga is a system, a technology, a powerful tool for positive change, for healing, for learning simple breaths, postures, mantras and techniques to help us through difficult times.

Yoga can be practiced by anyone at any time- even if it is just to focus on the breath alone.  Yoga is not just for those who can flex their bodies into positions resembling that of a pretzel.  It is not just for someone with a huge lung capacity, or someone who has a great voice and can chant & “sing”.  Yoga can be experienced and practiced lying in bed if energy levels or mobility is an issue.


Check out various yoga studios and look for Senior Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Memory Yoga , “Silver” for starters.  Sigh up for a class or a private session – no matter what your age.  Yoga will enhance your life and help keep you healthier longer.

……from the life experiences of Ardas