Thoughts on being a teacher

Just sharing some thoughts and self-reflection on being a teacher of Kundalini Yoga.

As teachers, we are taught to be the instructor as well as the teacher.

Most of us begin calling ourselves “instructor of Kundalini Yoga” and placing this designation on our business cards and fliers.  We show others and tell others how to be in a certain posture, or how to control the breath, etc.  But after years of teaching, we all come to the point where we realize that we are more than instructors…… we are “teachers” in the broadest sense.

As “teachers”, students begin to see something in us that is appealing… something that they might wish to have for themselves.  Some understand that what they see, might be somehow connected to the yoga practice that they are doing.  It is at this point in the students growth and progression where the teacher is in that sometimes enviable position to INSPIRE!

A teacher who INSPIRES, does so by always taking the action of which he or she is speaking. A teacher must always – to use an old phrase – “walk the talk”.  She must “be the example” in its higher form.

We, as teachers, – teaching from the heart- teach what we know and have already experienced.  Many of us have prevailed through tremendous challenges and our lives are naturally inspiring to others.  It is from this point of origin that our actions and words have tremendous power to inspire.

When others can see as we “do”, they can see themselves “doing” the same.

Inspiration is so important in elevating and helping others to realize that they too, have the same capacity to manifest for themselves.

Isn’t this what being a “teacher” is all about?

Reflections………by Ardas

Volunteer Acknowledgement

Nice Surprise this week re my volunteer Reiki Therapist work at Banner Estrella Medical Center-  I received a special recognition pin for having volunteered over 500 hours.  Just a little recognition, which is always appreciated, for work that is satisfying and fulfilling!   Good job, BEMC!