New… Symphonic Gong

NEW!   Ardas now has a gong!

Wow!   Am I enjoying my Paiste Symphonic Gong…… purchased in August.  It is an amazing clearing and healing tool!

The Symphonic Gong, used in Kundalini Yoga classes is truly a healing instrument.

The vibration of the gong creates deep relaxation, releasing us from the thousands of thoughts our mind releases.  Emotions and thoughts are provoked from the subconscious, causing the nervous system to readjust and heal itself.  The gong will take you beyond your fears.

It releases tensions, releases blocks, stimulates circulation and the glandular system for a higher level of functioning.   The results will be a release, a letting go, and a relaxation at its deepest levels.

Bottom line….. You will love it and love its results!  Give it a try.  Attend our Double Gong Event or schedule a Reiki Plus Gong session with Ardas.  Come, experience, enjoy and relax!

If you experience the Gong following a Reiki healing session, it is a double whammy!  You will feel, relaxed, at peace and with “not a care in the world”-   at least you will think and feel that way.  Try it!

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