10-Minute mini Reiki treatments heal too!

I spent 1/2 day last week at a Women’s Wellness Expo giving mini Reiki treatments!  Wow!  Nearly 4 hours of non-stop Reiki on dozens of individuals- most of whom had never received Reiki before, nor had ever heard of it.  This just happens to be my favorite environment for transmitting- those receiving have no preconceived notions about how it should feel or not feel.  And, not surprising, everyone felt something and were surprised and happy to have had the experience of “peaceful relaxation”.

Peaceful Relaxation!  Now there’s a concept.  We all need this right now.  Our world is speeding up and its difficult for most of us to keep up with it!  Many are finding it helpful to take the 10 or 15 minutes out of their daily activities to quiet themselves and just observe and LISTEN.  They find that they can indeed find that “peace” that they are looking for.  However, for others, peace is very elusive.  For this group, Reiki might be the answer to finding that quiet space and that peaceful feeling of complete relaxation!

If you are one that finds it difficult to relax, you might consider learning Reiki, so that you can transmit the healing Reiki energy to yourself when you are feeling stressed or challenged.  Yoga and meditation is also a great way to learn to quiet yourself and go within.

If your world has become too challenging – consider learning Reiki or taking a yoga class – where relaxation and peaceful feelings are the norm.  Your body and mind will love you for it!

Blessings for a beautiful 2012!