Mini-Reiki treatments

I have recently been asked for specifics on giving Reiki in “small doses” re mini-treatments such as we do as Reiki Therapists at the hospital.  Here are some tips:

Reiki mini-treatments or shorter than the normal one-hour full treatments are given in environments such as a hospital, hospice, or care center – mainly because of the nature of the environment as well as for those being treated.  These mini-treatments can be of any length.  15-20 minute treatments are appropriate for most hospital settings.

Our hospital Therapist teams usually give 15-20 minute treatments to patients and family members, and 10 minutes to working staff.  Even in the Emergency Department, this seems to work well.  If you will be giving Reiki in a quieter, undisturbed setting, than more time may be appropriate.  The patient’s condition is then the next factor for determining the length of treatment.  Always remember that “some Reiki is better than no Reiki” and that any Reiki will help.  Use your Reiki Intuition in treating patients.

As far as using the hand positions:

In the hospital setting, as well as hospice and care center environments, accessibility to the patient is always a factor.  It is rarely possible to have normal access for all 12 traditional hand positions and so modifications are almost always necessary. Remember that these hand positions were developed to give an overall treatment.  But receiving Reiki in this manner is not necessary.

In these environments, never ask a patient to turn over or to change their position. Instead, ask them to “just be comfortable”.  The therapist’s job then is to modify the treatment according to accessibility.  Sometimes, using two positions at the same time works well.  When the patient is lying on his back in a hospital bed, treat the front positions and ask Reiki to go to the back areas that you cannot access.  Reiki healing energy will always go to the area that needs “fixing” and will balance the body no matter what!  In some cases, you may get better results by just beaming from a distance.  Sometimes I use most of the 15 minutes just on “what hurts”.  Be flexible and know that Reiki will do its job.

Hope this is helpful.  I learn more about this amazing energy every day!

Please spread this information and help Reiki treat the world!