Hospital Reiki

I have been using Reiki healing energy almost daily for the past seventeen years.  I find that Reiki has become truly a part of me.  Being so attuned to the flow of Reiki, ….. how I think, respond, anticipate, and yes, heal…… is nearly second nature to me now.

I am a Reiki therapist volunteer and co-team leader at Banner Estrella Hospital (Banner Estrella Medical Center) here in Phoenix.  It has been two and a half years that I have been roaming the hospital, giving mini-Reiki treatments to patients, their families, hospital staff, and volunteers.  I am amazed at the personal satisfaction that I feel each week after spending a few short hours sending this simple, healing energy to those in need.

Am I so jazzed by this experience because of the simple act of giving?  Or is it because I am totally removed from myself as I give to those “strangers” who in some cases are in great, and immediate need of healing help?  Giving to people without any knowledge of outcome?  Giving just for the shear satisfaction of sending this beautiful, simplistic, powerful, healing energy?  Or does my “high” come from the feeling of being an integral part of the daily healing that goes on in this environment- the melding of the integrative with the allopathic?   Or is it all of the above?

I guess it doesn’t really matter……the feeling of being of help is all that is needed.

Banner Estrella is one of only a few hospitals in the Phoenix area that offers a Volunteer Reiki Therapist program.  This program was started three years ago with one therapist. Currently, we have an active team of therapists and others soon to join the team.  Those of us involved with Integrative therapies can see a great need and benefit for the patients as well as staff members.  Our doctors and nurses are supportive of our Reiki program and openly direct therapists to their patients.  We are now in the Emergency Department- my personal favorite- and in Pre-Op as well as most other areas of the hospital.

What a great day, is the day when I volunteer my Reiki at the hospital!

If you do Reiki, consider becoming a Reiki Therapist Volunteer by joining this valuable team effort.